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At Feed Our House, we are dedicated to offering bespoke solutions tailored to the unique needs of each sorority. Understanding that every chapter has its own dynamic, requirements, and size, we've designed our platform to be as customizable as possible. As you progress through this form, you're not just providing details; you're helping us craft an experience that resonates specifically with your chapter's identity. Dive in and let us know how we can best serve you.

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    Please tell us about your sorority so that we can tailor 'Feed Our House' to best suit your needs.

    Your Sorority/Organization's Name:
    What city is your Organization located in?
    How many members live in house that would require a login?
    How many members does your chapter currently have?
    Would you like the app to be dedicated to house girls only or the whole chapter?
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    Select the features from 'Feed Our House' that you'd like built for your sorority. You can choose as many as you're interested in.

    1. Never Miss a Meal Again with Online Late Plate Sign Up: With class schedules and unexpected commitments, missing meals is a reality for many sorority members. Now, simply sign up for late plates online. We ensure that you don't have to miss a meal just because you're caught up in class.

    2. Stay Updated with Online Menus: Curious about what's for dinner? View the menu online from anywhere. Deciding meals has never been easier!

    3. Housekeeping at Your Fingertips: Is your room gathering dust? Need vacuuming? Place a housekeeping request directly from your device.

    4. Prompt Maintenance Requests: Whether it's a running toilet, a room temperature issue, or a jammed door, submit a maintenance request and have it addressed promptly.

    5. Personalize Your Meals: Have a favorite dish you're craving? Use the suggest/request feature to convey your culinary desires to the private chef.

    6. Direct Line to House Director: Privately or anonymously send messages to the house director/mother. Have your voice heard without any barriers.

    7. Stay Updated with Bulletins: Never miss out on any critical information. Online bulletins ensure the entire chapter is updated in real-time.

    8. Events at a Glance: With an online event calendar, every sorority member stays in the loop about house events.

    9. Hassle-Free Meal Plans: Allow members to sign up for meal plans through the app. Simplify logistics and planning for the entire house.

    10. Streamlined Houseboy Schedule: Create a clear and accessible work schedule and roster dedicated to your houseboy team, ensuring efficiency and clarity in roles.

    11. Tailored To Your Needs: Recognizing that every sorority house is unique, we shun the 'one-size-fits-all' approach. Feed Our House is not a cookie-cutter app. We meticulously design the system to align with your house's specific needs and setup.

    Online Late Sign Up
    Online Menu
    Event Calender and RSVP
    Houseboy Scheduler
    Houseboy Roster
    Maintenance Requests
    Housekeeping Requests
    Announcements & Alerts
    House Director Contact Line
    Meal Suggestion Form
    Kitchenette Suggestion Form
    Visitor Sign In Sheet
    House Rules and Procedures
    Fillable Forms

    Finalizing Your Quote

    Thank you for providing details about your sorority and the features you're interested in. We base our pricing on the specific features you've selected combined with the size of your sorority chapter. Once we've assessed your inputs, we will provide a tailored monthly subscription rate for you. We're committed to offering value that aligns with your needs.

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